The logo for Shandong University School of History and Culture, Discipline of Cultural Relic and Museology




The discipline of cultural relic and museology asked me for help them design a logo for their  class. The inspiration comes from a historical building named “Guangzhjyuan” (courtyard with broad wisdom), which is one of the oldest modern museum in china founded by British missionary and can dates back to 1904. Now it is Shandong Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Center. It is a fusion of east and west architecture arts. The museum occupies an important position in the history of Chinese architecture. Historian Jian Bozan editor of the “Chinese and foreign history chronology” in particular sew it as a representative of China Expo Building.

What the building looks like now

Old picture of it

I abstract the appearance of the building to make it into a low-poly vision. The color of the logo is known as SDU red ( CMYK: C26、M100、Y100、K28    RGB: R156,G12,B19.).  This is the main  color of Shandong University coming from the Confucius Temple red brick tones, meaning stable, honest, atmospheric. It embodies the heavy culture of Shandong University. The color has been widely used in school logo, architecture, signs, publications, websites, etc., and for the majority of teachers and students to accept and love.

In the center of the logo there are two words 文博 (cultural relic and museology in abbreviation)written by seal character.

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