A stupid summary of 2017

Thinking for a long time, I decided to write something about the last year finally.

Well, basically I am not a guy  who likes looking back on things that already happened to me because mostly it becomes useless complaint but at the same time I’m kind of a lover of history. That’s weird, just like that  at the end of Dec. I thought the last game I played in 2017 would have been OKAMI HD a warming and curative masterpiece but actually the game I played during the ring of new year was Saints Row.

I have to admitted that during the last few years I have been living under high anxiety, wandering what I gonna to do after graduating  from a ” Cultural Industry Management” major. From this aspect, I really need to say thanks to game for  being my friend as well as  beacon, giving me a direction. Last year, I designing, writing, reading and programming for just one reason-I wanna make games and I wanna make games different from those shit in market especially in China.

I hate to say something  like that because looking around there are full of people addicted to those kinds of works and  I always attach great significance to diversity and the rights of choice. Also, personally I consider commercial success as an important part of judging a product. However, we must make it clear that  those fast foods using simple physiological or sensory stimulation just like Skinner box should not be advocated let alone plagiarism. Low standards may also lead to high profits with some astute tactics while a eternal goal is also essential for people in the business, or, yield to crucial facts. Both of them are likely to happened, more likely the latter.  For me, I wanna make some works not only seized people’s attention but also let them thinking after the time. Moreover I want people with different background all can appreciate them and have some unique feelings. That has always been my eternal goal.

I don’t like social networks used by surrounding people, so let me just put it here.

Oliver Ye


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