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Brief introduction

n Bug Jam, you play as either the Bug or the Programmer. As the bug you infect the code, as the programmer you try to clean up the code and catch the bug.

Game Play

As the Programmer you play the game using the map we create, and the Bug using the helper in computer. Play the game by turns and for more detail rules please check the rule document.

It’s base on a board game, and cause we haven’d made out the wireless version of the game, plz download the two application to two different computers and start playing after reading the rules.


Gameplay doc:

Game video


More details:

– 24 hexagonal tiles.
– 23 infection cubes for the big board.
– A turn tracker.
– Helper app for the Bug.
– The game board is made of tiles.
– These tiles have open connections on only some sides. Tiles are
considered connected if they have two touching open connections.
– Adjacent tiles are tiles touching the one another.
– The bug uses a program to track its movements and which tiles have been
– Infection cubes are used to indicate an infection found by the programmer.
– Home tiles have open connections on all six sides.

– Programmer goes last. 2 actions per turn. Each action can either be test
or repair
Test: Check if any tiles connected to a specific tile you choose (including
it) are infected. The Bug tell the programmer if any tiles are infected
(but never the bug’s location).
Repair: Repair a tile. You can repair a tile without testing it. If the
tile is infected, it is cured. If the bug is on the tile you repair, the
round ends and the bug loses 30% (rounding down) of their total points.
The bug earns points by infecting tiles. Adjacent infections sum with each
new one worth one more point. Try combine as many tiles as you can.

How to Win
The game is played in two rounds, so that each player gets a turn to be
both the Bug & Programmer. The player with the highest score after both
players have been the Bug, wins.


Dev experience

How many process cycles does a bug have? Everyone is searching for their brain when they see the theme of “my first memory.” The original idea came from the first memory after Dunhuang went to college, that is, every day was full of bugs and debugs. The initial type was defined as a memory game of “The Combination of Isaac”, but when Mottel joined the team with great enthusiasm. The theme of the game has been rushing towards the road of strategy and entity in a subtle way.

Division of labor
Initially it was to do video games. The group also had partners with different skill points. Later, after several discussions and decided to make a board game, the division of labor had a huge change: Mottel, who originally proposed the game mechanism, was responsible for writing the game. The rules and regulations, as a smart Jewish and board game enthusiast, he will give birth to new ideas almost every minute, providing more possibilities for our games; wherever there is a need, where the free man Wu Wenbo has programmed Da Ren, trying to use gamemaker to make simple aids, replacing the tedious table records, greatly facilitates the player’s operation; visual artist and designer Dunhuang, the original intention is to make 3D models of the game, but with their own design inspiration for this The desktop game is infused with life. At the same time as the block production was completed, the planks that were originally separated and separated were reborn in another way, and the body of the interactive art of the game was vividly displayed in front of the world. We no longer need sound effects, so sound designers and planners take on the responsibility of testers, implement design iterations in constant monitoring, adjust game mechanics and gameplay, and count the infected areas from the beginning to distinguish them. The score between blocks, and the more blocks that are connected, the more “Combo” mechanism that scores. At the same time, the design and splicing of the map is constantly improving. We originally designed the player to stitch the map, but considering the strategy and the difficulty of the game, it is possible to provide a relatively balanced design version of the map for the test player. A better choice, in the constant test, the design of the map is also completed simultaneously.

Iteration process
Through the first day of brainstorming and paper-based map production, quickly, as a game “Bug” evolved from a challenging reaction and short-term memory theme to a turn-based, strategic logical thinking double confrontation experience. The most basic gameplay design may take only an hour: on the map spliced by the plot, the “God” programmer side uses the “devil” that detects and repairs and invisible and tries to infect more tiles. – The Bug side fights on the board. The prototype of the game was also built. But an unexpected but urgent question is: Are we going to do a video game or a table game?

Mottel, who joined the programmers, is an avid board and strategy gamer. Obviously, he is more inclined to make a board game and even bring a map block polished with wood, but how to implement it efficiently and concisely in physical games. The invisible mechanism, even how to make a board game, the whole team knows very little. On the other hand, the huge problem facing electronicization is that it is really difficult to write a two-person online function with unity in just three days. If it is implemented by Javascript, only Mottel has the relevant skills alone, The degree of completion of the game cannot be guaranteed. We finally took a compromise approach, that is, the combination of physical and electronic software, the player who plays the programmer plays the game on the desktop, the player who plays the bug plays the game with the aid of the computer screen, although it is somewhat nondescript, but limited. The basic functions were indeed realized in the time, and this concept was also recognized by the previous participants.

After determining the electronic + board game platform, we finally entered the issue of issue and milstone. Everyone wrote down the work that needs to be done on the post-it note, then summarized it and picked out the items that everyone agreed to complete the game development. Finally, a development plan is formed. This may be the so-called “simple democracy”, which greatly enhances the participation of team members, and is also an efficient project planning solution.

For a strategy-based hardcore board game, designing a balanced mechanism is especially critical, so testing has become an important part of game development. But for our game, this part is not only eager for the wind, but also started in the early stages of game development. It is Xu Rulin, which needs to be continued for a long time. When the artist racked up the beautifully designed board game card face and the program twilight hair solved the bug of the assistant, we started the game test again and again, including the internal test of the testers in the group, and did not touch our game at all. The new player’s demo. Through the demo experience and feedback from the players, we constantly modify and improve the gameplay, presenting the final game rules.

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