Project_Saving Shakespeare

Game name: Saving Shakespeare Game engine: Unity Game platform: Windows Introduction: This Project was done during CHPARALLAX 2018 one day mini jam in TAG CncordiaUnversity. A student from the future studying English literature was fed up with the daily reading and analysis of Shakespeare’s work. He used the time machine to return to Shakespeare’s time Read more about Project_Saving Shakespeare[…]

Micro Documentary- The Craftsman

Mar. 2017, The Craftsman, Documentary. Position: director/writer. A documentary of a former shoemaker in Jinan who now focuses on the craft of making micro shoes. Created by a team from Shandong university including Haowen long, Nana Yang, Yufan Che, Hongbin Dai and me. We were asked to make a video of the Jinan city at Read more about Micro Documentary- The Craftsman[…]

HOUND:科学游戏的更多可能 HOUND: More Possibilities of Scientific Game


As the game itself expands, game design is unprecedentedly linked with all other areas. Among them, the application of games to scientific research is a typical example. However, looking back at some of these previous games, many rely on the simple labor of a large number of players, such as MIT’s EyeWire, which uses 3D decryption to draw neural network maps.

In the indie game HOUND, players are given more powerful abilities: creating life and their living space. The ultimate goal of the game is to apply it to the study of artificial intelligence, neural networks and ecosystems.